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Welcome to AbsoluteHALO, at the center of the HALO universe. You will find everything you need to know and more !!! Look around, and join in. You get to become a part of a gaming community of like minded people from around the world. Interested in contributing? We are looking for people willing to help us out. You don


HALO Infinite will be at the Xbox 20/20 event

This July, the "Xbox 20/20" event will be showcasing first party titles, and HALO Infinite has been confirmed.We got the first teaser nearly 2 years ago, at the 2018 E3 event, its absolutely brilliant to see that the wait is almost over.

Halo DS

Well, what do we have here? Turns out that sometime last year a Halo game for the Nintendo DS was being developed but for reasons unknown it was never published:

HALO 3 is here !!!!

With just hours before we get our little hands on the latest in this series. I thought I'd mention about the loads of new stuff that will be coming to the site over the next few days ! Check in, see what's happening. Post your pics, thought's & reviews ! Come one join in, share with everyone !

Bungie's Weekly Update

Bungie recently posted their latest weekly update. Frankie talked about the multiplayer map Vahalla and some new multiplayer features, as well as released a wireframe screenshot of the level: "And they just implemented the new

Gentle Giant Gets Halo License

Toy company Gentle Giant recently announced they'd gotten their hands on the license to produce merchandise based on Microsoft's Halo franchise. Well the company was at ToyFair with some of their early prototypes:

Halo Movie On Hold

After recent troubles with previous disributers Fox and Universal, the Halo movie has been left without any disributers as Paramount and Warner Bros. have passed over the Halo project:

HALO Movie Troubles

Reports by the US magazine Variety suggest, that Universal and Fox film studios have withdrawn financing from the planned movie based on the video game. Rumours suggested the studios were concerned the budget could reach

New Maps

5 new maps for halo2 have just come out, for more over all information go to Bungei . Alien Lord


In a recent Time magazine issue Bill Gates said that Halo 3 will be coming out spring of 2006, right in time to screw over Sony and its release of the new play station. Alien Lord, New Species


New maps are coming out soon. 4 around the end of april. 2 for free, and 2 for a charge (however by late summer all will be free). 5 more will be coming out later on. I wont insult the article by summarizing it, you can read it HERE!!!. Alien Lord

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